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The quality of teaching is good overall; it promotes pupils' progress effectively and supports the aims of the school to develop lively and enquiring minds. On occasions, teaching is exceptional.

- ISI Inspection Report of Feb 2011


In trying to decide how best to welcome parents to this section of the website and how best to paint for you the very special ‘family atmosphere’ that pervades all we do at Bowbrook, I decided to turn to the parents themselves and other visitors as well and to the most recent ISI inspection report from 2011…The best ‘advert’ is by word of mouth as it were. I have many, many more letters, quotes and cards of thanks, far too many to be included here, but I have tried to give you a flavour…I hope you find them useful.



From the 'Leavers' of 2015:

"I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you allowing me to be at this amazing school for the last five years. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for running such an amazing school and being such an inspirational headmaster. I really appreciate everything you have done for me" S11 leaver 2015.

"You have given this young man an opportunity in life that others were not able to and for that we will be eternally grateful" Parents of year 11 leaver 2015.

"We cannot thank you enough for the care, patience, understanding and guidance you have given our boys over the years. We will always be grateful for what could have been difficult years" Year 11 parents 2015.

"Thank you for putting up with me for all these years. I know I was not easy and I know I was frustrating but you always showed me the right way to go" Year 11 leaver 2015.

"Bowbrook has turned my life around and given me the opportunity to express my true self. Taking part in drama and sport was not something I desired at my previous school but I found at Bowbrook that this is where I shine most!" Year 11 leaver 2015.

"Mr Allen you are Head of an incredible school. Bowbrook to me feels like one big family and I will cherish my time here. Thank you for giving me my sparkle back!" Year 11 leaver 2015.

We wanted to write and thank you for all you have done for our granddaughter. Your understanding and wise guidance very much helped to restore her...We owe you and your wonderful staff and her fellow pupils such a debt of gratitude for all that you have done to both educate and help her" Grandparents to a year 11 leaver 2015.

From Other Parents:

“As parents we make numerous decisions for our children, and one of the most important that we make is the choice of their school. At primary school, was ***** was a nice lad, he was typically in the lower quarter of his class, lacked confidence, and was destined to get lost in a large anonymous middle school.

We have to say, and we have shared this on numerous occasions with friends, family and parents, that the best ever decision we have made for our son, was to send to Bowbrook.

He has matured into an intelligent considerate, and confident young man that we are extremely proud of. We could not have asked for more – except not breaking his leg at the start of term!

Please pass on our thanks to the teachers and the team that have helped make this possible. On numerous occasions his teachers have gone well beyond their normal ‘call of duty’. We cannot express our appreciation enough. We have all shed a tear as he moves on.

Mr Allen, thank you for a job well done.”

A visitor wrote:

“My wife and I are writing to congratulate you and your staff on having such a wonderful school.

We were recently invited to attend the ‘X-factor’ and what a heart-warming experience we had. Both of us were very impressed by the manners and behaviour of your pupils who not only supported their own peer group but also encouraged the younger pupils who were participating in the event. The ‘Old Spice’ pop group were great fun and much enjoyed by all the children and staff.

We look forward to attending further events at Bowbrook House School as it is a pleasure to see a school which has such high regard for its pupils and see the children so happy in a wonderful setting.”

Another Parent Wrote:

“Thank you so much all the help, support and advice you give to us since our son started at Bowbrook. He's had a wonderful five years where he's been lucky to have had some amazing teachers who have brought out the very best in him and given him the confidence to believe in himself…

We too have also enjoyed his time at Bowbrook. Carol Concerts, Christmas Fairs, Summer Fete, Summer Balls and even Parents Evenings! We always felt like we belonged. We too will miss it!

I could go on and on - so many good things to say. We are very, very grateful for everything Mr Allen, we couldn't have wished for a better than you and all your wonderful staff - a huge thank you.”

And Finally:

“Bowbrook has a unique talent for identifying and developing the aptitude and potential of each student, of encouraging them and giving them the opportunity to make the most of their interests and abilities. Bowbrook is old-fashioned but not outdated. It is disciplined, but not severe. It is small and personal, but with far reaching vision. Upon his arrival at Bowbrook, his happy demeanour and enthusiasm for education quickly returned, and ever since the school has nurtured and inspired him socially and intellectually.

The opportunities offered and encouraged at Bowbrook are beyond those of a school 10 times its size.

All that remains is a huge thank you and anticipation of a great year ahead.”

And what did the ISI Inspectors have to say?

“The quality of links with parents is excellent. The school maintains a highly constructive and close relationship with parents”

“Pupils praise the care and encouragement given to them by their teachers, while parents highly appreciate the promotion of worthwhile attitudes and values.”

“The support of parents also makes a significant contribution to the caring, family atmosphere of the school, which their children are happy to attend.”

“The response of pupils and parents to their pre-inspection questionnaires was overwhelmingly positive.”

“The quality of pastoral care and the “family atmosphere” of the school are considerable strengths that were echoed by parents in their questionnaire replies.”